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The Village Hall is owned and managed by the West Wycombe Community Association. The Parish Council have no responsibility for the hall, its management and finances.

The Parish Council is happy to promote the Village Hall through this website.

Further information can be found on the
Village Hall Website.

To hire the hall please contact:

Emma Copley
07903 837011

or eMail

West Wycombe Village Hall - ExteriorIf you have read the Parish About page or the History page you will know that the Village Hall was built in 1960 from an original design by Col. Leslie Watson.

Col. Watson was very proud of the Hall and quite rightly so because it was very advanced for its time.

Village Hall Small Meeting Room BarIt has a sound and lighting system which can be controlled from the side of the stage or from the small meeting room / bar which is located upstairs at the back of the hall over the entrance foyer, kitchen and lavatories.

Village-Hall-Kitchen-1This versatility, coupled with an abundance of chairs and tables lends the building to theatrical productions, sales, exhibitions, parties, quizzes and dinner-dances.

How could you make use of such a splendid facility?

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